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M/J Comprehensive Science 3

Subject: Science

Course Description:

Comprehensive Science 3 is the last class of the M/J Comprehensive Series. The course introduces new information and reviews some basics of science to prepare students for high school science coursework. Topics covered in this course include: The Nature of Science, Earth and Space Science, Properties of Matter, Changes in Matter, Matter and Energy, and Energy flow in the living world. During this course students will learn through real world examples and applications. Students will participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.

Major Topics:

Segment 1:

  • Foundations of Science
  • Scientific Theories
  • Scientific Laws
  • Scientific Method
  • Metric system
  • Metric Conversions
  • Scientific Measurement
  • Science and Society
  • The Law of Universal Gravitation
  • Formation of Objects in Space
  • Galaxies
  • Space Exploration
  • Distances in Space
  • Stars
  • HR Diagrams
  • Interpreting Graphs in Science
  • The Sun/Solar Properties
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Solar System Models
  • Seasons
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Tides
  • Space and Technology
  • Space Exploration and its effects on Florida

Segment 2:

  • Atomic Theory
  • Atomic Models
  • Periodic Table
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Compounds
  • Mixtures, Solutions, and Pure Substances
  • Physical Properties
  • Mass
  • Weight
  • Density
  • Physical Changes
  • Chemical Changes
  • States of Matter
  • Temperature and Chemical Change
  • Law of Conservation of Energy
  • Energy in Ecosystems
  • Pyramid of Energy
  • Photosynthesis
  • Primary Production
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Carbon Cycle

Participation Requirements:

Besides engaging students in challenging curriculum, FLVS guides students to reflect on their learning and to evaluate their progress through a variety of assessments. Assessments can be in the form of work files, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, projects, essays, labs, oral assessments, and discussions. Instructors evaluate progress and provide interventions through the variety of assessments built into a course, as well as through contact with the student in other venues.

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Course Details

  • Course Code: 2002100
  • Course Credits: 2.0

Recommended for 8th Grade

Estimated Completion:
2 segments / 32-36 weeks