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M/J World Geography

Subject: Social Studies

Course Description:

If you wanted to represent the entire world and its people in one theme park, what would your park look like? That is what you’ll find out as you design your own Global Village Theme Park. This is a big project, and you’ll want your park visitors to have a good time. To do the job right you’ll need a solid knowledge of geography. You’ll start your project by going on a global fact-finding mission. Your mission will include Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, and the countries around the Pacific rim. You’ll research the cultural and natural landscapes of the regions you visit. Then you’ll design your own theme park offering a multicultural understanding of our world’s diverse people and places. As modern communications and transportation bring our world closer together, your knowledge of geography becomes more important. This course will take you to places around the world for a first-hand look.

Major Topics:

Segment 1:

  • If the World Was a Village (percentages of populations in various areas)
  • Calculating survey results
  • Geographic Literacy
  • Five Themes of Geography
  • Landforms and major bodies of water
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • European Political Geography
  • European history overview
  • Diffusion and Acculturation
  • European Union
  • Middle East and North African Political Geography
  • Middle Eastern Family Life
  • Political Structures in the Middle East
Segment 2:
  • Latin American Geography
  • Latin American Family and Social Life
  • Latin American Land Use and Change
  • Economics- Flow of Goods
  • Pacific Rim Geography
  • Pacific Rim Societies and Family Life
  • National Economic Systems in the Pacific Rim
  • Impact of Industrialization in the Pacific Rim
  • North American Geography
  • Changing Demographics
  • Impact of Urbanization
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • South Asian Geography
  • Society and Family Life in South Asia
  • Nationalism
  • Independence from Colonial Rule in South Asia
  • Building a Theme Park for Cultural Understanding

Participation Requirements:

Besides engaging students in challenging curriculum, FLVS guides students to reflect on their learning and to evaluate their progress through a variety of assessments. Assessments can be in the form of self-checks, practice lessons, multiple choice questions, writing assignments, flow charts, projects, essays, oral assessments, and discussions. Instructors evaluate progress and provide interventions through the variety of assessments built into a course, as well as through contact with the student in other venues.

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Course Details

  • Course Code: 2103010
  • Course Credits: 2.0

Recommended for 7th Grade

Estimated Completion:
2 segments / 32-36 weeks