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Reading for College Success

Subject: English

Course Description:

How will reading impact your future? How does reading shape the world around us? This course will help you answer that question and prepare you for college and career success.

Reading is a vital skill in the information age where we are constantly bombarded with a stream of information. Being able to determine and comprehend the main idea in this constant flow is imperative to success in both the academic world, and in the world of work. Discerning fact from opinion and bias from objectivity will empower you to make better life and work decisions and effective note taking and summarizing will help you achieve your goals in higher education and in the career of your choosing.

This course will provide you with the necessary tools to be an active member of a 21st century world where success in reading often equates with success in life.

Major Topics:

  • Discerning the Main Idea
  • Identifying Clues Within Texts
  • Effective Summarization
  • Note Taking Applications
  • Choosing Your Note Taking Style
  • Free Choice Reading
  • Web 2.0 Skills
  • Recognizing Organizational Patterns
  • Decoding Signal Words
  • Understanding Cause and Effect
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Styles of Analysis
  • Implications of Tone
  • Recognizing Bias and Opinion
  • Persuasive Language Tools
  • Making an Inference
  • Predictions, Questioning and Context
  • Connotations and Allusions
  • Hidden Hints in Writing
  • Preparing for the CPT and College Entrance Tests

Participation Requirements:

Besides engaging students in challenging curriculum, FLVS guides students to reflect on their learning and to evaluate their progress through a variety of assessments. Assessments can be in the form of self-checks, practice lessons, multiple choice questions, writing assignments, peer review, projects, research papers, essays, oral assessments, and discussions. Instructors evaluate progress and provide interventions through the variety of assessments built into a course, as well as through contact with the student in other venues.

Please note:This course is intended for students whose college placement scores are below the established cut score indicating that they are not "college-ready" in Reading (CPT, below 83; SAT, below 440; ACT, below 18).

Successful completion (requires a grade of "C" or better) of this course while in high school AND including a passing score on the Florida College Basic Skills Exit Test (as determined by the partnering postsecondary institution) will exempt students from further college placement testing/postsecondary remediation in reading if they enroll in a community college within 2 years of completion.

**Please see your school of record or post-secondary institution for more details related to the Exit Test.

Note: this course does not count towards a Language Arts credit.

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Course Details

  • Course Code: 1008350
  • Course Credits: 2.0

This course is designed for 11th and 12th graders needing to pass the CPT or PERT college entrance exams. This course is NOT intended for FCAT preparation or students in grades 6-10.

Estimated Completion:
1 segment / 16-18 weeks