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M/J Spanish Beginning

Subject: Foreign Language

Course Description:

You’re going to spend the next ten months on a virtual tour of Spain. And you’ll find your visit more enjoyable if you know what the people around you are saying. No need to worry, however, this course will give you basic vocabulary, keep you from getting lost, and help you make some new Spanish friends. In this course, you will learn to ask for directions, order food in a restaurant, and talk about the weather, all without being embarrassed by your accent. New words and phrases will be introduced with text, pictures, and an audio clip that demonstrates proper pronunciation. You will acquire the skills to read, write and speak. You will also learn the basic Spanish grammar that will make your sentences come out right. Don’t leave home without MJ Spanish Beginning. This course will give you the ability to enjoy your trip to Spain, and to soak up some of the local culture while you are there.

Major Topics:

Segment 1:

  • Expressing greetings, goodbyes and making introductions
  • Subject pronouns
  • Irregular verbs
  • Using adjectives to describe self, family members, and friends
  • Gender in nouns and adjectives
  • Question words
  • Numbers
  • Expressing age
  • Calendar vocabulary (days of the week, months, birthdays)
  • Definite and indefinite articles
  • Describing the school experience (classes, classroom vocabulary, activities)
  • Expressing location using the verb ESTAR
  • Using HAY to express "there is" or "there are."
  • Telling time
  • Numbers 0-1000
  • Using AR verbs

Segment 2

  • More on Irregular verbs
  • Expressing dates on the calendar
  • Identifying people (family member vocabulary, professions)
  • Expressing possession using DE + noun
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Countries and nationalities
  • More on AR verbs
  • More on numbers
  • Calculating currency
  • Modes of transportation
  • Culture - Holidays in Spain, Traveling in Spain (focus on Madrid), exploring Hispanic schools, Santiago de Compostela

Participation Requirements:

Besides engaging students in challenging curriculum, FLVS guides students to reflect on their learning and to evaluate their progress through a variety of assessments. Assessments can be in the form of self-checks and practice problems, worksheets, assignments, oral assessments, pre-tests and practice tests, quizzes, discussions, hands-on activities, and module and semester exams. Instructors evaluate progress and provide interventions through the variety of assessments built into a course, as well as through contact with the student in other venues.

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Course Details

  • Course Code: 0708000
  • Course Credits: 2.0


Estimated Completion:
2 segments/32-36 weeks